Jul. 19th, 2017 04:07 pm
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The PV for Kud Wafter came out today, and oh boy, am I excited for it! I believe these two images are all that is needed to explain why:

Oh yes, my precious babies, my beloved Natsume siblings are in it~ <3 Masato, Kengo, Haruka, Komari, Kurugaya, Mio, everyone got to appear in the PV.

The dorm flooding storyline is still there, so Riki rooms with Kud, Masato rooms with Kengo, much to Masato's dismay, and Kyousuke rooms with Rin. XD The Kud Wafter characters are all there too of course.

Haaah... I'm so happy. I'm going to get to see them all animated again... I'm so glad.

The crowdfunding is certainly going well. It started today and it's already at 16 out of 30 million. \O/ And VA is planning overseas funding too, so us gaijins might be able to help in some way. I hope it will be successful. ^.^ Dunno why anyone would want to see it fail at this point. I mean, it's going to have the rest of the Little Busters in it. Why wouldn't you want this?!

Rin concept sketch

Jul. 12th, 2017 03:54 pm
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So, there are some news on the Kud Wafter anime. Suzuyu will be singing the opening song, apparently, which is a new song called Light a Way. Well, I guess people will be spared the horrors of One's Future. They showed some more concept sketches...

RIN-CHAAAAAAAAN. <3 And she's even in her summer uniform!

Now I just need to see Kyousuke and I'll explode with happiness.

They are working on a PV which I guess we'll see soon.

Hnnng... so excited... the thought of seeing everyone again... I don't care that it's lolicon pandering trash if I can just see all the Little Busters in motion and hear their voices once more... that's all I care about.

So much negativity over this. Yeah, Kud Wafter is shitty lolicon fanservice, but it's a new story and the other Busters are appearing, so it might not be outright garbage... meh, as long as Kyousuke is in it, I don't care.


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